The Board of Capital First on 4th May 2018 has approved Issue of NCD program of the Company for the financial year 2018-19 by way of Private Placement Basis, within the overall borrowing limits of the Company and subject to approval of members, Enabling resolution for raising funds by issue of securities including but not limited to American Depository Receipts/Global Depository Receipts/Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds/Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds and/or other permissible modes whether Rupee denominated or denominated in foreign currency, through public and/or private offerings and/or on preferential allotment basis or through Qualified Institutional Placement or any combination thereof for an aggregate amount not exceeding Rs.600 Crore only or equivalent thereof in any foreign currency, inclusive of such premium as may be fixed on such Securities subject to approval of Members in the ensuing 13th AGM and other applicable law, if any.