IRISCARBON® has emerged as the overwhelmingly preferred software to generate filings of companies in the XBRL pilot programme of CIPC in South Africa with as much as half of the companies turning to IRIS.

IRISCARBON® is a cloud based SAAS offering which is used by enterprises in 5 countries to create filings that they then submit to the appropriate regulator. While in the USA it is used by listed companies for submissions to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in England, Ireland and Scotland, the three countries that make up the United Kingdom, it is used to create filings that businesses submit to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs, the tax regulator. In Italy, it is used by businesses to submit their filings to Infocamere, which receives the data on behalf of the Business Registry.

In South Africa IRISCARBON® is used to generate filings to CIPC by businesses in that country. The product is made available in South Africa by XDS, a member of the EOH Group who are partnering IRIS.

The CIPC platform has been developed using technology provided by IRIS and deployed by IRIS in partnership with South African IT major EOH.